Turtle neck Women Fall Winter'18 collection Bellerose
Sometimes our Friends With Style are actually also colleagues with style, as is the case with Servane. We’ve come to know her as one of the best-dressed women here at our office and it’s about time you did too. Servane is our Information Systems Manager and has been with Bellerose for 14 years. Originally from Paris, she lost her heart to Brussels upon moving here in 1997. Join us as we discover the wonders of this seasons’ turtlenecks with her.
White Peaks
A wooden chalet, misty mountains and a whole lot of snow served as the ideal backdrop for our Winter ’18 shoot. The location? The incredibly charming village of Montgenèvre in the French Alps, a stone’s throw away from the Italian border.

Time for something fresh. Friends With Style is us doing exactly what you’d imagine us to if you’d be going by the name. We gathered some of our friends (and friends of friends) and got them to select some of their favorite pieces and styles of the season, to wear and combine them the way they would. These aren’t catwalk models or pros but young professionals, students and enjoyers of all things stylish.

There’s no way to deny it, wide leg pants are everywhere lately. Designed for an easy and graceful look, this season’s trousers of choice can look strong and sophisticated, yet sometimes even vintage and hippie-esque, depending on how you combine them. This silhouette, relaxed as can be, is a favourite that evokes a few influences: classic workwear and sailor clothing being the most obvious ones. The good news is that it’s not just for tall, slender women. So how to wear it best?