Discover our first California Spring playlist, a selection of fine Gipsy tunes for a season of nature blossoming, peeling back layers and terrasse invasions.

Meet Ghent Bellerose's stockists, Twiggy’s owners and discover the long history of this iconic multibrand store as well as their favorite spots in town.

Spring is in the air in our Bellerose stores. Our treehouse window installations seek to inspire a green rebound, inviting nature back into our urban homes.

When the biting winter cold lasts too long, we crave to peel back the layers to welcome the sunshine on our skin. Get our tips for the new season, inspired by Californian style.

Meet Lara, our graphic designer who creates prints for all our collections. Dive into her truly creative world and discover how she keeps her inspiration flowing.

Discover "The Lisbon Girl" film wardrobe: a pastel-hues' selection of playful-romantic-summer dream looks for young and smart sweethearts.

Meet Bellerose's Norwegian stockists and discover their favorite spots in Vollen to enjoy a relaxing day at the coast near the Oslo Fjord.

Stylist and costume designer Sabine Zappitelli, who collaborated with Bellerose for the film “Tous les chats sont gris”, is a Magritte “best costume” nominee.

Spring is blossoming in Bellerose stores where a giant moodboard displays the first inspiration for the new season: the city of L.A., a place of psychedelic rock and flower power.