Editorial — Pre spring'17

A meeting with Marie Gilliot

Traveler, stylist, blogger, mother of 2

Marie Gilliot - Paris

Paris — Les Enfants Rouges

An exclusive camo coat, classic indigo denim, a vintage rhum colored dress, pants with splits down the legs. Textural touches add a new dimension to even the most familiar outerwear silhouettes, and this pre-spring, we’re boldly mixing materials—washed cotton with silk dresses, rugged denim and grungy overshirts—to offer a refined yet casual take on embellishment.

Marie Gilliot - Paris

« My first encounter with Bellerose was in Saint Germain des Prés, a part of Paris that I particularly fancy. The bohemian feel mixed with modern fits and finishes struck me. »

Marie Gilliot - Paris

Inspired by the buzzing courtyards and classic cobblestones of old Havana, the vibrant sounds of salsa beats and the graceful resilience of its people, it is clear that Cuba’s influence on this season’s collection cannot be denied.

« I really enjoy the life I lead ;
I get to experience a lot of different things, which makes it very lively and stimulating.
I could never work in an office with fixed schedules. I have always cherished the freedom to choose what I want to do with my time. »

Marie Gilliot - Paris

This lush and lovely coat is long, light and fresh, offering a new perspective with its workwear inspired look and cropped sleeves. A feminine yet bold style that perfectly fits daily activities.

Marie Gilliot - Paris

A refined boatneck linen t-shirt combined with a midi-skirt, borrowing heavily from military wardrobe.

Marie’s soft and glittery knit is truly seasonless, with a feminine boatneck collar and a natural drape.

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