- 28.10.2020

Stealing from the Men's Closet

Who said women should only buy their clothes in the lady’s department? Every woman with a brother/father/grandfather/boyfriend/cousin knows that there’s something special about wearing a man’s clothes. And we're not just talking about the eternal boyfriend jeans. All men's clothing is suitable for women, it’s just a matter of going for it.

wordsJulia Garel
picturesVictoria Nossent


It’s a sunny winter day. You’re thinking of going for a stroll, but you don’t want to carry your heavy coat with you. So, without hesitation, you put on the wool blend LUTHER overshirt. It’s warm, with workwear details and a masculine touch. You add the SELYA belt to highlight your waist and reach for those übercomfy VOLKERT pants. Et voilà! Why complicate matters?


Let’s be honest. Men's coats are often warmer and bulkier than women’s. So, to stay warm without wearing too many layers, your best option is a classic masculine coat. Long, ideally – we’d say that the COOP overcoat fits the brief. Then, it’s all about finding the balance between feminine and boyish pieces: a sensual sweater vest underneath, like the DATION, loose POKER corduroy pants and a pair of cool Anthology boots. 


A men’s sweater is always comfortable. But we have to admit that before we had our own - we chose the merino DILLE sweater by the way - we always “borrowed” ours from our boyfriend. It took us a while to realize the men’s department was not forbidden. Since then, we’ve come to love wearing it with the big DOYR scarf and these wide POKER jeans 



Do we really have to say why a masculine shirt is vital? We trust you to know that an oversized shirt brings style and comfort like nothing else. This unfussy GABE shirt is a great example.


What we love in men’s daily looks is their coolness. Take this comfy BLAKE sweatshirt for example, combined with the GUSS lumberjack shirt, a pair of high-waist and loose-fitting Levi’s and the everyone’s favorite New Balance 990 sneakers. We bet this boyish look will still be contemporary in 10 years.

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