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Fall/Winter ‘20 Lookbook

Our love for art and the various ways in which it moves us has been a constant throughout Bellerose’s existence. A painter that perfectly captivates the subtle intrigues and complexity of modern life surely is Edward Hopper. His work is known for its unique colors, its mysterious character and Americana aesthetics. Always tasteful, always inspiring. The cityscapes and the humans in it that nourished him, in turn nourished us too. In the same way that Hopper was inspired by both urban and rural scenes, we hope that this collection will inspire you to shine in both settings too.

wordsBjorn Dossche
picturesVictor Pattyn

carl jacket | goxxe shirt coming soonporths pants

jacob jacket | Goney shirt coming soon | vito t-shirt | porths pants

jarel hat | jive jacket | vlazi polo | frons pants | austen bag coming soon

carl jacket coming soon | peeh jeans

datil beanie | goney-p overtshirt coming soon | vitak polo shirt | peeh jeans

datil beanie | julian overshirt coming soon | godot shirt | jacco pants

jarel bucket hat | luther overshirt | narce sweater coming soon | jypo pants 

ance beanie | jawk coat | allay sweater | porths pants coming soon 

datil beanie | have jacket | bliss sweatshirt coming soon | jason pants

GUSS overshirt Coming soon

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Wild Winds

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A Time To Give