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20 Menswear Essentials

Even with everything else that has been going on lately, you must’ve noticed that Summer’s now vastly approaching. While you’re possibly cleaning out your closet or preparing to switch to full on fine weather mode, we felt like this is a good time to remind you how important essentials are. These are items you can reach for at any occasion, that have stood the test of time and will still look great on you next year. We’re not saying that you should buy all of these blindly. Take from it what you want, choose wisely and just remember that having some of these essentials around will make your life that much easier.

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Today, one of the most exciting new sneaker brands is East London’s Stepney Workers Club, creating timeless and classy unisex sneakers with vulcanized soles. What on earth is a vulcanized sole, we hear you think? Don’t worry, you know what it is, even if you think you don’t. Vulcanized rubber soles have been used in athletic sneakers for over a century, they’re made through a heated chemical process, transforming raw rubber into something that’s both elastic and durable (and prevents you from slipping). The most iconic vulcanized sneakers are quite possibly Converse All-Stars, and you’ve seen those right?
SHOP - Stepney Workers Club Sneakers


Style can be discussed ad infinitum, that’s one of the great things about it. However, if there’s one thing we can all agree on it must be the timeless appeal and larger-than-life character of the Levi’s 501. Our stores wouldn’t feel complete without them. One of the 501 options we have this season is this stonewashed version by Levi’s Made & Crafted, with just the right broken-in look and feel. Can’t beat the original.
SHOP - Levi's 501 Jeans


Ah, the trusted old pocket tee. An easy go-to and always a nice variation on the classic white crewneck tee. We’ve tried and tested quite a few and have to say that these Velva Sheen ones easily make it into our top 3. A true pleasure to wear. This authentic, pigment dyed lavender color is what you need to add that bit of freshness to your wardrobe.
SHOP - Velva Sheen T-shirt


Corduroy, but make it summery. Don’t be fooled, because despite its cozy look, corduroy isn’t a strictly winter-item. Far from it, actually. To prove our point, we’d like to call in the Garow overshirt in a poppin’ Klein blue. The perfect extra layer when you need it, with enough attitude to make you stand out from the crowd. Just wear it open over a t-shirt (or a hoodie on chilly mornings). Tip: go for blue on blue, as these look great on regular navy pants, for example.
SHOP - Garow Overshirt


As much as we love camouflage, there’s something even better about this Gramicci bucket hat: it’s reversible. So, depending on your look du jour you can go for the camo print or toned down black. Either way, it’s a cool finishing touch to that summer outfit.
SHOP - Gramicci Bucket Hat


If you prefer tight Speedos, we won’t stop you, but swimming shorts that can also be worn out of the water (for hanging out or a game of tennis maybe?) are the way to go if you ask us. Our own Loch shorts are made from a quick-to-dry nylon blend and come with the classic elastic waistband. These puppies fit just right, and the atypical nude color is a fun change from the navy blue we’re all used to. The contrasting multi-colored drawstring is the cherry on the proverbial cake here.
SHOP - Loch Swim Shorts


Just like its nude brother, this pair of swim shorts can easily be worn in a non-pool context and also offer an original choice of color (let’s just admit that army green isn’t the standard for swimwear), coupled with a nicely contrasting drawstring on the waist.
SHOP - Loch Swim Shorts


A summer favorite. You’ve been seeing more of these over the past few years and with good reason. The camp-collar is more relaxed than a regular shirt collar, the ideal match for looser fitting summer shirts in the Hawaiian tradition. Or in the bowling tradition, depending on your angle. Either way we won’t blame you for thinking of The Big Lebowksi – it’s happened to us too.
SHOP - Noway Shirt


Some people think knitwear is a winter-only thing, but – you guessed it! – they’re wrong. We’re not telling you to grab your mohair & alpaca sweater in July, but a cotton sweater sure comes in handy on a chilly summer morning. With its oversized, nonchalant fit, this slouchy sweater is a natural extra layer over a t-shirt or shirt – don’t overthink it and throw it on.
SHOP - Denoy Sweater


When we started selling Karhu, we made it our mission to tell our customers how cool the brand’s back-story is and how awesome their sneakers are. These days, we can’t even finish a phrase before they’re all sold out. The Finnish cult sneaker company has turned into one of the go-to brands for inspiration and incredible color combos. Their iconic 90s Aria model remains a favorite, with its mono tongue construction, original laces and comfy fit.
SHOP - Karhu Aria Sneakers


Wait, cable knit with stripes? Great idea. Made in France, like 99% of our socks, these linen & cotton blend socks are a great option if you like classics done a little differently.
SHOP - Fable Socks


We’ve been big fans of olive-green pants for quite a while now. Think about it… They work perfectly with white, black or grey sneakers and with shirts or sweatshirts of all kinds: indigo blue, (off) white, athletic grey, (off) black or brighter colors like red and yellow. These new Jacco pants have that vintage-looking dusty green going on, next to a fit that is perfect for modern men. Higher on the waist, relaxed on the legs, slightly tapered. These are what we like to call passe partout pants.
SHOP - Jacco Pants


Originally used as a fabric for towels, but popularized in fashion during the 60s, the French terry t-shirt is a bit of a throwback to our youth for most of us. Their comfort and charm simply are hard to deny. Their spongy, soft touch just puts a smile on your face just thinking about it. German authentic workwear specialists Merz B. Schwanen make ‘em just right, so we advise you give them a go.
SHOP - Merz B. Schwanen T-shirt


The jacket dreams are made of. Made from an incredible natural Italian cotton fabric, in a deliberate vintage worker style, finished in a premium way with nothing left to chance: this is our Picxer. Can be worn as a replacement for a blazer (cut on the same length), or as a Summer jacket, or as an overshirt. It’s versatile, timeless and simply looks great.
SHOP - Picxer Jacket


The popularity of white denim can best be symbolized by a snowball rolling down a ski slope. Reserved for the audacious types a few years ago, but now slowly becoming a bigger deal and a staple in many a collection. It only makes sense too, because once you get used to it, white jeans are super easy to mix and match with. This fit in specific is a pair of dad-jeans done just right, with a higher waist, more room on the thighs and tapered legs, while length wise it’s slightly shorter.
SHOP - Peeh Pants


Nearly indestructible, shrink resistant and the epitome of authentic sportswear; yes, we’re talking about the famed reverse weave Champion sweatshirts. Patented in 1938 and developed in the 1940s, Champion created the reverse weave technique to avoid shrinkage and increase the durability of their athletic gear that was heavily popular all over the States. In contrast to the traditional and cheaper horizontal stitching, they began using the more time-consuming but superior transverse method, cut on the cross-grain.
SHOP - Champion Sweater 


Reaching back to the joys of French terry fabric, this light polo collar sweater is another summer staple for us. It just oozes style and elegance, while it still is a casual item at heart. Note the ribbed finish on the hem and cuffs as well. An ideal match with clean jeans and penny loafers, or with shorts and a fresh pair of kicks.
SHOP - Nilga Knitwear


Is the bum bag back for good? Or will it soon be demoted to 70+ pensioners spending a day at the beach or golfers in search of practicality? Hard to predict. But, if you’d want one that looks great and was created by a brand that knows what quality is, then this Gramicci bum bag is a splendid choice.
SHOP - Gramicci Bum Bag


It might be just us, but that typical old school French worker blue just never gets old over here. Something about just looks and feels right, even for those of us not fixing cars or not building a staircase. It’s exactly that type of blue that was used for these uber-comfy, loose-fitting pants, easily to be worked into different silhouettes. The fact that they’re tapered towards the ankles makes ‘em even more practical. Trust us, as we basically live in these.
SHOP - Payn Pants


Timex has established a firm reputation as purveyors of quality watches that were designed to last and keep ticking. Their Navi XL model was inspired by their own early diver-style watches, made modern. The traditional gunmetal gray stainless-steel case, white dial and green fabric slip-thru strap provide a modern take on this vintage Timex classic.
SHOP - Timex Watch

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