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Our Team's Best Addresses in Saint-Germain, Paris

It’s been quite a while since we did one of our city guides and to get back into the swing of things, we thought it would be nice to shine a light on the city of lights once again: Hi Paris! However, we’re not here to tell you about the Eiffel tower, but would rather focus on a part of Paris that is often overlooked, despite its rich history and its diverse, cosmopolitan and inspiring vibe: St. Germain Des Prés, straddling the 6th and 7th arrondissements. Let our team guide you through the streets where Sartre, de Beauvoir, Man Ray & Gainsbourg once roamed, to show you a side of the city you may not be familiar with.

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While the typical Parisian bistros with their striped and colored awnings and antique tile floors may look appealing, they’re often just tourist traps in a cute disguise. But still, Paris is Paris, so finding a great place to eat shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Here’s some of the addresses we’d recommend!

Trying to squeeze in a quick lunch between visiting an art gallery and heading for one of the boutiques we’ll discuss further on? Get something on-the-go, at Cosi for example, the kind of cool local spot you’re looking for. Like us, it has been around since 1989. Unlike us, they specialize in delicious home-made focaccia sandwiches. You can create your own variation or go for a sandwich off the menu. Don’t be shy and ask for the “Naked Willy”, with ricotta cheese, nuts and grilled vegetables… We’re drooling already. 

As mentioned, St. Germain is a cosmopolitan neighborhood and that’s definitely reflected in the restaurants there. Kodawari Yokocho sticks out in that sense. Close your eyes while eating and it’ll feel like being in the middle of Tokyo. Not only because of the heavenly ramen they serve, but also because everything – scents, sounds and decor - will transport you there. Be prepared to queue though!

Now, if you’re planning on going all out and gastronomic, we’ve got something for you too. SHU Paris, is a place you’d easily pass by without even noticing it. But once you find it and manage to descend via the small door, you’ll arrive in Japanese fine dining heaven. Forget about makis and sushi, the specialty here is kushiage, small bites on sticks, made fresh and on the spot. You’ll get to taste foie gras, shitake mushrooms and quail eggs like never before. Special mention for the crab claws!


As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of places to get coffee and cake around St. Germain, but if we could choose just one, it’d be Ten Belles 6, a well-known spot among locals because of their premium homemade pastries. Those donuts with salty butter and caramel? Daaaaamn. Add a cup of Belleville roastery coffee to that and we’re not moving for the next hour.

Another favorite of ours is Flying Circus, where you’ll go for their Signature bread, pizzas or pitas but you’ll stay for the sweet stuff… Try their cinnamon buns or a slice of pie and thank us later.


There’s shopping and then there’s Shopping (with a capital S). Le Bon Marché is all about the latter. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, just wandering around and looking at the incredible architecture will make it worth your while. Founded in 1838, Le Bon Marché was one of the world’s first department stores and continues to be a tastemaker today. You can find Bellerose for Kids there at level -1 by the way : )

Which brings us to our very own Bellerose Rue Jacob store, which was totally renovated a few years ago and still looks magnificent if you ask us! Look out for its jigsaw puzzle floor and of course its large selection of Bellerose clothing and invited brands for Men & Women. If you need to get a few things for your children, no worries, as our Kids store is just around the corner, in Rue de l’Echaudé.

If you’d rather experience a totally different kind of store, we have a few tips too! Shakespeare & Company is a lovely small English bookstore, that has been around since 1951. Not only can you browse books for hours there, they also have tasty bagels in their adjoined eatery run by Bob's bake shop. Another must-see is Paris’ last and only curiosity cabinet, Deyrolle. For over 200 years this has been the store for all things out of the ordinary, from stuffed animals, to artworks, to educational boards. Go home with a framed exotic butterfly as a souvenir, because why not?


What makes St. Germain so unique is the mixture of its Parisian chic, its rich history steeped in jazz and art, plus the presence of young students, tourists and locals alike – creating a vibrant atmosphere without getting too busy or crazy. If you’re an art enthusiast, you can easily spend a few days just visiting the many art galleries around the area, with something for everyone. From contemporary art and photography at LUMAS, to modern paintings & sculptures at Carré d’Artistes and much more. Just stroll down Rue de la Seine and Rue Bonaparte and get inspired by what you come across.

Another museum we highly suggest visiting is Musée Zadkine, which is located in and around the old house and atelier of Russian-born sculptor Ossip Zadkine. It’s an oasis of peace and quiet, a place to slow things down while you walk through the museum garden and discover Zadkine’s impressive oeuvre.

For a little break in a spot that perfectly encapsulates the St. Germain atmosphere, we suggest just sitting down at Place Furstenberg, right in the heart of the district. On this charming little square you can see the different elements of the area come to life right before your eyes.

On that note, we hope you enjoy your visit to one of our favorite Parisian neighborhoods. See you soon!

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