A Welcome Best Costume Nomination

Sabine Zappitelli has been a stylist and costume designer for several years. Working freelance, she has created a rich and eclectic pathway for herself. Alongside to her career in the cinema industry, she’s a singer/song-writer, she teaches and consults on styling and she also devotes time to helping women in difficulty as a social worker through wellness activities.

Today, she is a nominee for Les Magritte du Cinema in “best costume” category for her work with “Tous les chats sont gris” (All Cats Are Grey), the first film of Savina Dellicour. This fully made-in-Belgium production is actually nominated in nine different categories (included best film and best director), an impressive record for a first film.

To create truly realistic wardrobes for this film, Sabine contacted Bellerose to partner-up in this project. Seduced by the film scenario and Sabine’s enthusiasm, Bellerose accepted to take part in this movie adventure.
And now, on the eve of the Magritte awards ceremony, which is taking place this Saturday 6th February in Brussels, we want to tell you a bit more about this collaboration with the wonderful stylist Sabine Zappitelli.

Congratulations on your nomination for Les Magritte du Cinema! It certainly is a nice recognition of your work as a stylist and costume designer. You must be very pleased.

Thank you! I’m very surprised to be honest, and happy too! I’m pleased with the wardrobe choices I made and the collaboration initiated with Bellerose. I also feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a great team and I’m especially thankful to Hélène Lhoest for dressing the actors so well. She was a fantastic assistant.

When did your collaboration on films with Bellerose start?

The first collaboration with Bellerose was for “Tous les chats sont gris”. After this very positive experience, we collaborated again on a second film last summer, a French-Belgian production entitled “Faut pas lui dire” by Solange Cicurel, which will be released this year.

Why did you choose Bellerose?

Well, first of all, “Tous les chats sont gris” was an entirely Belgian production, which is rare. So I wanted to find a Belgian brand, which Bellerose is. Then, since the story is set in a privileged environment, I wanted the clothes to communicate this quality of life with beautiful fabrics and designs. Another key element is versatility. I’m usually looking for clothes that are easy to mix with other brands to create more realistic looks, since it’s unusual to wear a total mono-brand outfit. For all these reasons, Bellerose is a perfect choice.

How is the selection of Bellerose’s items made?

I first have a look on the Bellerose website. Then I present my moodboards and pre-selection to the film director and we discuss them. Once my project is validated, I contact Bellerose to plan a meeting at the Brussels flagship store on Avenue Louise. With the help of Sarah, the manager of the shop, I make the final selection for the different characters I want to dress in Bellerose.

In short, who is Sabine Zappitelli?

That’s a tough question! I have been interested in styling for a very long time now. It has been a creative and enriching line of work. I don’t ask myself too many questions when I receive an offer for a film. If I like the story, I just go for it. Otherwise, I love composing songs. And lately, I have experienced the need to explore social services, supporting other women to build up their self-confidence.

What’s your best advice for those just getting started as stylists/costume designers?

There’s nothing as important as getting experience with professionals. Send personalised CVs to production companies and independent costume designers. Try and try again, until you get a positive answer.

Could you tell us a word about your projects for 2016? Any other collaboration planned with Bellerose?

Sure! I have just started to work on a Belgo-Italian production, called “I Figli della Notte” (Children of the Night). Directed by Italian filmmaker Andrea De Sica, the film is a coming of age story, exploring the darkest side of a golden boyhood. We start filming in South Tyrol in March, so I’m already working on wardrobes. As for a new collaboration with Bellerose, it’s too early to tell but it is definitely an option I am willing to explore.