collabs - 30.11.2020

Learning How to Shop Vintage With Diane Kari

First and foremost, fashion should equal pleasure. However, while pursuing that pleasure, we think that it’s never a bad idea to reflect on how a specific garment came to be, simply because there’s always an impact and a story attached to it. We’re big fans of purchasing reasonably. Buy less, choose well and make it last. Pre-loved clothes are the perfect solution, they’ve already proven their quality. For some, buying vintage can be a little stressful, it’s not always easy to picture how you’re going to blend those pre-loved items with your existing wardrobe. But – like Einstein said – there are no rules. Allow yourself complete creative freedom. Follow your instinct and be true to you. Diane Kari, founder of the Fripouille Vintage online store, knows this all too well. She shared her tips & tricks with us, and we paid close attention.