Up in the country
We’ve never shied away from some good ol’ Americana and that ain’t a secret. Not only has traditional American work- and military wear been a constant inspiration for us since day one, our fascination with the land of the free is endless as well. With a suitcase full of light and comfy Bellerose summer wear and a couple of cameras (of course!), our favorite explorers Nuria Val & Coke Bartrina got on a plane to the States, where they embarked on a beautiful road trip. And when we say road trip, we’re talking about the kind of thing you’ve only ever seen in movies. Starting in Arizona and ending in California, they took their time to stop at all of the best spots: Monument Valley,  Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and much more. Scroll on to see what we’re talking about and get inspired.
Far East - Coke Bartrina
Camera around his neck, we followed this artist on a trip around Japan. Easy cuts, a touch of colour and brand new jackets making a modern look for a hectic life.
Expo 58
1958’s World Exposition was an event that marked an entire generation and changed the city of Brussels forever. It brought the whole world to our doorstep, leaving many in awe, amazed by what they’d witnessed. Whether it was architecture, engineering or science, Expo ’58 was all about unbridled optimism and an unshakable confidence in progress. With Bellerose’s 30th anniversary drawing closer, we wanted to dig into a key component of our DNA; our Belgian heritage, with its own quirks and contradictions. In Expo ’58 we found the perfect symbiosis of that heritage.