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The simple life

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might remember the “Somewhere Slower” editorial from last Spring, which featured the Adamo family. Ring a bell? Sold their house in London and pretty much everything they had? Travelled across the world only to settle down in Australia’s most beautiful beach town, Byron Bay? Exactly… that’s them. Well, our fascination with life on the other side of the equator hasn’t ended and neither can we get enough of the beautiful pictures Courtney sent us.

Le gymnase
September is fast approaching and, whether they’re impatient to start or not, kids are about to head back to school! Meaning; new teachers, new classmates, new books, new challenges and of course… a new attire! In a deliberate vintage style, we intended this collection to be very colorful, with easy to wear fabrics and cuts, dipped in an American sportswear vibe; think ever-fashionable stripes, monkey business-proof jackets, loose pants and embroidered tee shirts. Whether you’re going for soft and fuzzy or quirky and sporty, we’re here to provide that injection of cool Belgitude.
A green spot in the city
A touch of wilderness in the heart of the city, a dose of oxygen in an urban setting. The sense bliss that comes with the first rays of sunlight. Young and free, as kids should be.
The office

When kids took over by storm the office, it simply rocked! Very at ease with the job, they did play the game. Their coolness and their energy made super mini versions of ourselves. This summer is set to be colourful, playful and chilled, just to allow them to live their best moments.

Somewhere slower

“Let’s sell the house and the car, give away that stuff we don’t really need. Then we should go away and disappear on one big adventure around the world!” Ain’t this a fantasy, a wish to start anew many of us may have but never really give a chance to fulfil? The Adamos did it all, inspired by neighbours and acquaintances before them. Ditching their comfortable, yet hectic urban London life, they went on a world roadtrip in the hope of discovering their true selves somewhere else, somewhere slower.

Stranger 80's

To present our FW ’17 Kids collection we wanted to capture a group of friends on a Wednesday afternoon after school, in order to really set foot into their world. Given the fact that we’re also huge fans of the Stranger Things series and its 80’s ambiance, we decided to combine both concepts, using kids from our own entourage. The idea popped into our minds right after the initial announcement for Season 2. We were immediately thrilled at the thought of mixing our FW ’17 collection with the series’ themes and style. Pretty soon after we headed for the woods with 4 youngsters, without giving them any instructions apart from “act as if you were in the series, live it your way”. The result is a mixture of images spontaneously taken on the spot, while others are posed as if it were a promo shoot for a classic TV series. We hope that fans of the show will appreciate the universe we tried to recreate and the subtle references we’ve added.

Back To School

Childhood comes with its perks, and being able to play with carefree abandon once school is over is definitely one of them. This was the inspiration behind our new Back to School capsule collection, and what better city to illustrate that feeling than Barcelona? In this new shoot, the Catalonian capital becomes a place where children’s daydreams become reality. Whether on a boat, at the street market or while exploring the city's whimsical streets, we let the kids roam free while capturing their insouciance—and their cozy outfits!