When you can feel Spring approach, but it’s not quite there yet. When you’re pretty sure you just saw a ray of sunlight and the days, well, they do seem to be getting longer. Know the feeling? We sure do. Our proposal? A quick getaway to somewhere cozy and quiet, surrounded by fields and forests.


Evening attire

People say that I'm high class
People think that I'm crazy
But I'm low down all the while
People think that I'm crazy
When I flash that California smile

But I can still paint the town
All the colors of your evening gown
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
To turn grey

“Evening Gown” by Mick Jagger




Friends with style - Turtleneck
Sometimes our Friends With Style are actually also colleagues with style, as is the case with Servane. We’ve come to know her as one of the best-dressed women here at our office and it’s about time you did too. Servane is our Information Systems Manager and has been with Bellerose for 14 years. Originally from Paris, she lost her heart to Brussels upon moving here in 1997. Join us as we discover the wonders of this seasons’ turtlenecks with her.
The simple life

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might remember the “Somewhere Slower” editorial from last Spring, which featured the Adamo family. Ring a bell? Sold their house in London and pretty much everything they had? Travelled across the world only to settle down in Australia’s most beautiful beach town, Byron Bay? Exactly… that’s them. Well, our fascination with life on the other side of the equator hasn’t ended and neither can we get enough of the beautiful pictures Courtney sent us.

Filled with genuine warmth and an amazing, true to life atmosphere, we all get to take a peek at what seems like an average Autumn day for the Adamo family in Australia. Majestic beaches and dunes, cozy family picnics and the feeling that we should all really take the time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Honestly, we’re ready to drop everything and hop on a plane to Australia right now. Here’s to the simple life.

White Peaks
A wooden chalet, misty mountains and a whole lot of snow served as the ideal backdrop for our Winter ’18 shoot. The location? The incredibly charming village of Montgenèvre in the French Alps, a stone’s throw away from the Italian border. While it’s mostly known for its excellent ski slopes, breathtaking views and quiet peacefulness, Montgenèvre also was the very first French ski resort,  established in 1906 by a union of skiing enthusiasts and alpinists. It provided the room to breathe and the space to be truly creative for the pioneers back then, so you can easily imagine how it did the exact same thing for us too.

For the third and final installment of our Saintonge capsule we wanted to break away from the hectic pace of the city to seek solace in the outdoors. Not just anywhere either. The atmosphere we had in mind was one of slight alienation, disorientation. Taking a well-dressed city girl out of her natural habitat and juxtaposing her with a mesmerizing stretch of wild, unkempt land. She’s bewildered and bewildering. Hard to grasp and often hardly visible because as much as she is the focal point, the majesty of what surrounds her becomes a focal point too.

Office hours
You can feel it in the air; summer’s slowly leaving town. September means being ready for anything, from sun soaked afternoons to drizzly mornings, so you’ll need to layer up and step it up because no one wants to look like they didn’t get the memo. We’re fully going for refined, classy looks with that undeniable touch of cool Belgitude. Functional yet always pushing forward when it comes to style. Bold checks, classic stripes, boxy and loose 50’s inspired cuts, leopard and houndstooth prints - it’s all there so go ahead and dive in.
Le gymnase
September is fast approaching and, whether they’re impatient to start or not, kids are about to head back to school! Meaning; new teachers, new classmates, new books, new challenges and of course… a new attire! In a deliberate vintage style, we intended this collection to be very colorful, with easy to wear fabrics and cuts, dipped in an American sportswear vibe; think ever-fashionable stripes, monkey business-proof jackets, loose pants and embroidered tee shirts. Whether you’re going for soft and fuzzy or quirky and sporty, we’re here to provide that injection of cool Belgitude.
Far East - Nuria Val

Meet this modern muse through her wandering in Japan, a cherished destination at Bellerose. Flowing silhouettes, casualness and comfortable cuts are to be expected !

Far East - Coke Bartrina
Camera around his neck, we followed this artist on a trip around Japan. Easy cuts, a touch of colour and brand new jackets making a modern look for a hectic life.
The office

When kids took over by storm the office, it simply rocked! Very at ease with the job, they did play the game. Their coolness and their energy made super mini versions of ourselves. This summer is set to be colourful, playful and chilled, just to allow them to live their best moments.

A summer escape

It’s this time of the year again, in what seems to be a newfound quest for daylight, calm and the mildness of longer evenings, you’re greeting the sun rays with your senses wide open.

You leave behind the harshness of winter, slow down on everything, indulge in laziness. Relish having free time on your hands. Outside in the garden or in the woods, around the swimming pool on holidays or at a terrace in the city, places don’t really matter.

What should matter now is to follow your desires, seize the day and let the breeze ruffle your hair and the folds of your clothes.


Athens and its surroundings provided us with the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot that hints at unknown intrigues and hidden schemes, with the idea that something is just a little off. Plus two French in the thick of it, trying to make sense of it all. Rebels with an unknown cause, straying and wandering through alleys and dead-end streets... When they make their way out, they discover the breathtaking beauty outside of the city; winding roads that lead to  creeks, hidden beaches and miniatures isles, all scattered around as if they were the most normal of things.

The contrast between the city's dreamy yet rough character and the brooding tension that somehow is always there reminded us of some of our favorite road trip and getaway movies ( The Hitch-hiker, Badlands and of course Thelma & Louise) and that's exactly the vibe we were going for.

Men summer edito
Somewhere slower

“Let’s sell the house and the car, give away that stuff we don’t really need. Then we should go away and disappear on one big adventure around the world!” Ain’t this a fantasy, a wish to start anew many of us may have but never really give a chance to fulfil? The Adamos did it all, inspired by neighbours and acquaintances before them. Ditching their comfortable, yet hectic urban London life, they went on a world roadtrip in the hope of discovering their true selves somewhere else, somewhere slower.

There’s the Paris you know from postcards and romcoms, then there’s the Paris you know from underground hip-hop videos. We feel like neither of those truly represent Paris as it actually is, with all of its charms and quirks, perfectly playing its role as the feminine counterpart to London’s masculine vibe. Paris wouldn’t be Paris without its rough edges, overcrowded metros and constant razzle-dazzle, just like it wouldn’t be the same without its soothing parks where joggers, picnickers and young hipsters seek shelter from it all. You can dive into its nightlife, with cigarettes and alcohol aplenty or immerse yourself in the world of art and architecture. You can taste the finest French cuisine or grab the greasiest junk food. You can be swallowed whole by swarms of tourists, desperately seeking their cultural fix or lay low and choose not to care, the way locals do. Paris is all of this and more. It’s a city as eclectic as Bellerose, a city that’ll always be close to our hearts, with its latent moodiness and its exalting energy. With this second installment of our Saintonge capsule — which features our designers’ favorite pieces and brings forward the brand’s DNA — we wanted to take things to the streets. It’s there, amidst the skaters, beggars, street vendors and perfectly manicured, naturally beautiful Parisian women (how the hell do they do it?), that our garments can live and breathe, where they can rock and roll.
Expo 58
1958’s World Exposition was an event that marked an entire generation and changed the city of Brussels forever. It brought the whole world to our doorstep, leaving many in awe, amazed by what they’d witnessed. Whether it was architecture, engineering or science, Expo ’58 was all about unbridled optimism and an unshakable confidence in progress. With Bellerose’s 30th anniversary drawing closer, we wanted to dig into a key component of our DNA; our Belgian heritage, with its own quirks and contradictions. In Expo ’58 we found the perfect symbiosis of that heritage.
A green spot in the city
A touch of wilderness in the heart of the city, a dose of oxygen in an urban setting. The sense bliss that comes with the first rays of sunlight. Young and free, as kids should be.
Men spring '18
Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we settled upon the tranquility of the Dutch seaside for our Men’s Spring ’18 editorial.
With this shoot we tried to move away from our own comfort zone and decided to stay away from sunlight to hint at the surreal, uneasy and oppressive atmosphere of “L’Enfer”, using l’Archiduc (one of our favorite bars in downtown Brussels) as a backdrop. Unlike Clouzot we were lucky enough to finish our project.
Stranger 80's

To present our FW ’17 Kids collection we wanted to capture a group of friends on a Wednesday afternoon after school, in order to really set foot into their world. Given the fact that we’re also huge fans of the Stranger Things series and its 80’s ambiance, we decided to combine both concepts, using kids from our own entourage. The idea popped into our minds right after the initial announcement for Season 2. We were immediately thrilled at the thought of mixing our FW ’17 collection with the series’ themes and style. Pretty soon after we headed for the woods with 4 youngsters, without giving them any instructions apart from “act as if you were in the series, live it your way”. The result is a mixture of images spontaneously taken on the spot, while others are posed as if it were a promo shoot for a classic TV series. We hope that fans of the show will appreciate the universe we tried to recreate and the subtle references we’ve added.

Sightsleeping | PART II

Nowhere and everywhere at once. Seemingly far away and foreign, while possibly close to home. For our “Sightsleeping” shoot we headed into the Alps, where we immersed ourselves in incredible landscapes, timeless lakes and autumnal fields and forests. The great outdoors at their best; overwhelming and vast, hard to grasp yet as real as it gets, forever and always deeply moving. We’re pretty sure this is as close as we’ll come to entering a parallel universe that exists outside of time. We hope these pictures somehow transmit our fascination and bewilderment.

Sightsleeping | PART I
Nowhere and everywhere at once. Seemingly far away and foreign, while possibly close to home. For our “Sightsleeping” shoot we headed into the Alps, where we immersed ourselves in incredible landscapes, timeless lakes and autumnal fields and forests. The great outdoors at their best; overwhelming and vast, hard to grasp yet as real as it gets, forever and always deeply moving. We’re pretty sure this is as close as we’ll come to entering a parallel universe that exists outside of time. We hope these pictures somehow transmit our fascination and bewilderment.
Young Adult
There’s a hint of rebellion throughout much of what we do. A stubborn quirkiness that somehow never left us and made us who we are. When puzzling together our Young Adults capsule the sounds of New York’s Sonic Youth inspired us greatly. Within their music we hear echoes of every decade from the 80’s to the 00’s, added to plenty of things that we still haven’t figured out yet - making them nearly impossible to pigeonhole. It’s that type of timelessness and authenticity that defines what they did and what we do. Their determination and urgency pushed us to go faster, to be bolder, to play dirtier. In turn, we want to inspire you to be as free as you want to be.
Our new Saintonge capsule collection is a tribute and a glance into the personal wardrobe of Laetitia Van Gindertael, our main womenswear designer. Based on vintage treasures she’s found all over the world as well as on reinterpretations of iconic Bellerose pieces, this collection takes its name from our Rue de Saintonge store, located in Paris.
Back To School

Childhood comes with its perks, and being able to play with carefree abandon once school is over is definitely one of them. This was the inspiration behind our new Back to School capsule collection, and what better city to illustrate that feeling than Barcelona? In this new shoot, the Catalonian capital becomes a place where children’s daydreams become reality. Whether on a boat, at the street market or while exploring the city's whimsical streets, we let the kids roam free while capturing their insouciance—and their cozy outfits!


Situated south of Lisbon near Comporta, Portugal’s hippest and most sought after beach destination, Casa do Pego is the setting we chose to shoot our brand new capsule collection. Complete with its own sunny rooftop terrace with a stunning private pool, the single-floor house is quintessentially luxurious all while keeping things truly low-key.